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We All Have Been Blessed

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  1. You know its funny how this is just what happened to me 2 weeks ago my husband and I had just came out of pizza hut and of course we had extra pizza as a matter of fact we had half a pizza and some bread sticks we pulled into get gas and my husband was putting gas in our truck when i looked over their was this young man maybe in his late 20’s early thirties reaching in the trash pulled out Mcdonalds bag with a sandwich or rather a half and some fries he stuffed them in his mouth so fast and then he got a part of a bottle of soda out and took a drink .I opened my door and told my husband the tears rolled down my face i hurt so bad for him and gave him our pizza and breadsticks he said thank you but I realized how blessed i really am. Thank you Jesus for showing me also.

  2. Steve bannon says:

    Wow gods good,we must be jesus like ,all the time,

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