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Blonde Versus Blonde

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3 Responses

  1. David Stapleton says:

    Two women friends meet at the bus stop and start chatting, suddenley one says,’ Hey, I’ve just notice, you’re wearing a hearing aid, I knew you were little deaf but I didn’t think it was serious.’ Her friend shrugs her shoulders and says, ‘ Well it’s a case of necessity, you know I have fourteen kids.’ Her friend goes, ‘Yes, I know that but what’s it got to do with getting a hearing aid ?’ The firend replies,’ You know how it is with Harry after a few beers, he comes in to the bedroom, throws all his clothes off, jumps into bed and says, You wanna go to sleep or what ? I go ‘What?’

  2. Leah Ma says:

    I have a joke. My (blond) granddaughter’s blond moment when she was 12. My daughter and her family almost always went to places with beaches for vacation. We were all standing around in the kitchen discussing global warming and how it could make the beaches disappear and how terrible that was. My granddaughter suddenly pipes up, “Where will we go on vacation?”
    For a moment we were all just stunned and stared at each other, thinking, what?! Finally we laughed and someone said, (name changed) “Ah! Stacey’s blond moment.”
    Actually she’s very smart and is a first year medical student now.

    • DSL says:

      No “blonde” moment there. At age 12, she made a connection and sought more information — a skill lacking in too many adults.

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