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Dads’ Jobs

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10 Responses

  1. Mil says:

    no. It’s not a joke. Jokes are funny.

  2. Soar Addie says:

    Can we call it a true joke?

  3. Anna A. Diehl says:

    that is not a joke.

  4. Anthony says:

    The first disingenuous comments come from people with no sense of humor. They must live an awfully dull and boring life with no happiness or joy, except for their joy of criticizing and judging others. Jesus admonished those calling out the speck in the eye of another to first remove the plank from their own eyes. When a “Christian” judges others and calls them a name, they not only violate the teachings of Jesus but also the Ten Commandments. They should not take life so seriously because they ain’t gonna get out of it alive.

  5. Richard L Walker says:

    Black humor. A “Little Johnny” joke if I ever saw one.

  6. Dennis Davidson says:

    same people calling this wasn’t a joke are the same ones that says President Trump is not their President. they are people most miserable.

  7. Misses says:

    Terrible….. lol but funny

  8. youtooo says:

    If it is “poor taste” try not licking the corpse!!

  9. Carol says:

    C’mon people – it’s a joke – there is no way a teacher wouldn’t know that a parent had died, and therefore wouldn’t ask that question

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