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Eve’s Problem

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  1. joel says:

    weeks after adam was created God noticed adam lonely and decided to cheer him up. one day adam recieved a gift in a box and immediately opened the box. he laid down in the grass whatever he could find on top of the box unril the box was empty. since there was no card or manuals or instructions about his gift he got confused and sat on the grass and thought what he should do about the gift. after a few days he noticed that whatever his body had the box also had th same. so looking at his torso he took the body and laid it flat on the ground. took the arms and placed it on the torso. took the legs and attached it to the torso. found the head and attached it on the torso. after a while he had all the body and its parts together. however he noticed that there was a small part on the torso, between the legs that was missing. he sat down and thought deeply what was missing. a few days later he noticed something smelly was near the box was and found a piece of body part and curiously picked it up at thought…. it looks like this will fit the missing part. upon placing the part on, the body came alive and said, “hi adam. i’m eve!”

    …….. now are you still wondering why that part smells?

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