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He Is New On Duty

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6 Responses

  1. grampaB says:

    Apparently you don’t know squat either… the AR-15 can be redone with the stock and magazine setup and make it an automatic weapon, which in the case of these shooters means they are firing automatic AR-15 weapons, not single shot … still want to take him on with your pistol bud???!!!

    • Brent Dotson says:

      Not true. The only way to convert would be by changing the sear. Full auto sears are classified by ATF as being the same as a machine gun, therefore illegal. It would be extremely hard (if not impossible) for the average person to find a sear and know how to replace the existing sear. Both those actions are major felonies.

      • Terry D says:

        Ever hear of bump stocks?

      • TRRosen says:

        Not Illegal (federally). You can buy them online if you have the money as they are quite expensive as they cannot be made new. Not that much of an issue though, as its a very simple part that could be machined by anyone with decent machining skills.

  2. Jorge says:

    FEAR THE AR-15
    NOT the govt ideology which drives the events to disarm the people!!!

    “Common Sense 101”!!!!

  3. Annonamoose says:

    There are several ways to speed up a weapon, one the bump stock works two a device called the crank when installed in the frigger guard it can fire till the mag is empty, third a fast trigger finger, any inventive individual can overcome the problem of speed from the weapon, even a weapon like a m99/m60 marlin semi auto 22LR, with up to 17 shots.

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