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Shoot Them All

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24 Responses

  1. Michael says:

    You left off the punch line – George said to the officer – “I thought you didn’t have anyone available?”

  2. Mike Barwell says:

    In the handle is probably yet another example of weird American English(euphemism)

  3. Petro Padre says:

    My computer makes words up on its own, so Handle doesn’t surprise me at all!

  4. The call telling the police that he already shoot them (but in truth he did not) was an effective strategy resulting the immediate police response.

  5. Donnie T says:

    I am amused by the focus of comments. None have focussed on the crux of the matter but on the meaning of “handle” and other crap.!!

  6. Red Mirabel says:

    this is suppose to be a funny story…so he meant to place weird words for you to wonder how this become so funny at all!!!

  7. Neil Stevens says:

    In South Africa, it would probably be the police that is stealing your stuff!

  8. Romeo Ybanez says:

    “in the handle of stealing things” – I thought it is an American jargon only the Americans can understand.

  9. Stan Carey says:

    I think that half these stories are figments of someones over active imagination. Also, they are clearly written by people who only know English as a second language as their grasp of same can only be described as horrible…

  10. cain says:

    i thought “handle” used that way was weird.. but the story is more important..

  11. Dan says:

    Come on people Really ! Focus my friends on the man George. Now here’s a man who we can assume pays taxes, now the good men and women in law enforcement from the Great state of Mississippi took with them 4 simple words when becoming a police officer, ( to serve and protect ) This means your state Tax Dollars are to pay for the good Men and Women who serve that community That George resides in. This in my eyes means. if a person or persons are on your property or have the intent of breaking the law IT is of the utmost a priority. Because if any person or persons showed any act of Violence towards MR.George. Phillips this would not be called funny story. It could have easily been an Obituary. I very glad it didn’t turn out that way. To those who work in Law enforcement yes I understand times overworked but that does not give them the finale word on who needs there attention or what.s up first or the

  12. P.M. Johnson says:

    George is a wise and clever person.

  13. Allen Ganton says:

    Another way of getting around this situation in to call the cops and say, “I’m on my way over to shoot them right now!” Then, hang up. Then, shoot them with your camera phone while the police arrive. In court you can tell the judge you never mentioned anything about a gun!

    • Madeleine Taylor says:

      Good one – this happened right down the road from me in the UK some years ago. A lady caught 2 men in her garden shed, when the police said they were too busy come, she replied the same, and it took 5 mins for two patrol cars to arrive. btw we actually don’t have guns in the UK, (if we are law abiding, that is) but hey, whatever it takes

      • D.B. says:

        Umm, Madeleine. We do have guns dear. Look up the law.
        Find your local shooting club and try the sport, I guarantee you’ll find it good fun.

        But I guess it’s true that Mr Average isn’t armed but most farmers would be.

    • Tia Bichon says:

      If you live through it.

  14. Anthonie says:

    Michael is the only one who got it. It’s missing the punch line. Punch lines are at the end of JOKES. It’s a joke people.

  15. Patrick Power says:

    I had exactly the same experience in London. A young tall fit hoodlum was stealing my neighbour’s restored Mini Cooper. I rang the Metropolitan Police.”When we have a car free” The alarm went off in the car,the young man leapt into another car and departed. Going to sleep 10 minutes later I heard the getaway car return . Looking out the window I saw the young hood approaching the Mini Cooper with a pry bar to force the hood and disable the alarm. I rang the Met again.” I am going out to prevent the theft of my neighbour’s classic car.But as the thief is a head taller than me and armed with a crowbar,I will take my Benelli shotgun with me>” I hung up before they could protest. Almost immediately I could hear sirens start up at the Lewisham Police Station a mile away.

  16. Smithy says:

    The punch line is: I thought you said no one was available.

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