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The Defense Of The Cheating Man

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19 Responses

  1. flaviana g. delgaco says:

    i like it

  2. Hilda says:

    it’s his word against hers.

  3. Dino Aleta P Lagun says:


  4. David C Jackson says:

    Yeah, but why would he even tell the story risking the rage of so many women? He has nothing to gain. Why would he lie to a bunch of strangers about such a thing. He’s obviously incriminating himself for an obvious social offense.

  5. Linda says:

    The wife didn’t explain what had she been doing while her husband was restoring
    “the distressed girl”. I hope she had had about the same with a poor sweet boy. Justice claims.

  6. Linra says:

    the message is simple, wife use your hubby’s dick or someone will eat it.

  7. Chito says:

    If this story is true or not ladies be aware! It might happen to you!

  8. Emily starr says:

    The way I see it, if the wife isn’t using all those things and don’t want them. Then someone else can have them!. Theirs a joke in the guys story, if you don’t get it people?

  9. Chamain Gibbs (cha cha) says:

    Linra, I agree with you, Here in New Zealand we have a saying ‘USE IT OR LOSE IT’, And people these are friggen jokes, you don’t have to like them just tune out and DO NOT READ THEM! if you think they are tasteless, where the heck is your humour.

  10. Muramuzi says:

    Possibly the wife never used her husband sexually

  11. Jay DIBALA says:

    I don’t agree what he did anyone can give a ride to anyone without cheating the other party.
    I think it might not be first act of which he has just made.
    I know it is very hard to see and support à such sin but what i can suggest his wife has To forgive him and husband To swear in front of his wife not to repeat it again.

  12. fred says:

    Lighten up you lot of wowzers, it was a joke

  13. Venus Avenido says:

    It’s just a joke, in the first place the wife should not have gotten mad or jealous for the things she does not use. and i don’t believe that in such situation the husband is justified for cheating , he should have talked first with the wife about the things he dislikes.

  14. Jf says:

    You either find a story funny or you don’t. No reason to elaborate every time about it

  15. sam-kit chan, baguio city. philippines says:


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