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What Girls Want From Boys

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  1. Jay says:

    You want us to give all and receive little in return for our effort. We do those things already and it’s never enough. We speak and you claim we are yelling at you because our voices are deeper, you scream and claim you have to in order to make a point, because, supposededly, we won.t listen otherwise. This world is inhabited by oth males and females. We each have our own ways of communicating, our own needs, emotiona and physical. Womwen have become expert in communicating what they want and need in their language, whilst forgetting that communication is a two way proposition. Men negotiate; woman have forgotten how to negotiate with men. Be direct, be comforting. We have emotional and physical needs as well, all of the same ones which you mentioned, we just don’t ask for them as often in ways which you see as fullfilling anything other than a physical desire. It’s almost the same thing to us and an important part of our negotiating process, whether actual or implied. We want to know that we are desired; we want that tactile and emotional experience. We.re not shallow nor single minded, just different than you slightly.

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